D.C. Initiative 71

You are not buying any weed, you are buying golden stickers and your weed comes as a gift along with your choice of candy. We only accept cash as a form of donation. All of our prices listed are suggested donation amounts.

How To Order

Step 1

Verification (First Timers):

  • Text in a clear picture of your government-issued ID
  • Send us your Instagram @ name or Facebook (unprivate account or accept our follow request)
  • Send in a Selfie holding your ID

Step 2

Book an Appointment/Delivery Time

  • Pick a 30 min time slot from 1 PM to 10 PM
  • Bring your ID to shop or show to the driver
  • Your ID must be seen before anything is shown

Step 3

Shop/Delivery Rules

  • Cash Donations Only (No ATM available)
  • No Hoodies or Ski Mask
  • Only one visitor permitted in shop at a time
  • No drinking or smoking
  • No re-entry or redeliveries
  • No cell phone usage
  • Delivery/Shop reservations hold 10-minute time limit
  • No guns, knives, or sharp objects allowed

Step 4


  • Keep marijuana disclosed when exiting
  • You MUST accept candy and sticker
  • No refunds





(3.5 to 28 grams)

Hybrid Indica Dominant



(3.5 to 28 grams)

Hybrid Indica Dominant



(3.5 to 28 grams)

Hybrid Indica Dominant



(3.5 to 28 grams)

Hybrid Sativa Dominant



(3.5 to 28 grams)


    • You are only permitted to receive up to an ounce as a gift with every donation. There’s a minimum purchase of 3.5 grams. We have 3-5 different strains updated to our menu every week and upon request. Everyone qualifies for our loyalty member discount after 5 purchases with a flyer.

      FLOWER REQUESTS ACCEPTED: Thin Mint, Durban Poison, Purple Punch, Zoo Cookies, Grand Daddy Purple, Purple Rain, Gorilla Cookies, Big Smooth, Skywalker OG, Banana OG, Ghost OG, Westcoast OG, Blueberry, Runtz, Guava, Fruity Pebbles, Key Lime, and more.

      EDIBLES: Stony patch kids Gummies 5oo mg, Megadose Gems Gummies 300 mg, Fresh Bakery Cookies, Infused triple chocolate brownie, Chocolate candy 400 mg and more upon request.

      VAPE CARTRIDGES & CONCENTRATES: Available upon request

    Contact Information

    Phone Number: (303) 747-5391

    (202) 716-3071

    E-mail Address: info [at] thegoldenbud.com

    Disclaimer: By placing an order, you are agreeing to our terms that subject you to a wand search, pat down, ID collection, security surveillance recording, and metal detector walk through upon entry.
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